Climate Action Plan Target 2

Current Status


Activity In 2022

16,012 per capita vehicle miles traveled (VMT) in 2021, a decrease of 16% from the prior reported year (2020).

Beyond 2022

Reduce annual VMT by 6,387 per capita by 2050 to reach the 20% goal.

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How Does Houston Reduce Vehicle Miles Traveled Over Time?

Houstonians drive over 33 billion miles per year. The typical commute distance for residents in the Greater Houston area is about 12.2 miles. Although nearly 4 million trips taken in Houston each day are less than two miles in length, only 1–3% of these trips are made by biking or walking. Houston’s Climate Action Plan aims to reduce vehicle miles traveled per capita by implementing integrated multi-modal transportation systems and building and retrofitting complete, transit-oriented neighborhoods. Houston needs more transit options that provide attractive alternatives to single-occupancy vehicles. In order to effectively shift how Houstonians think about mobility, there must be multiple safe, reliable, and convenient options that can quickly, affordably, and efficiently get people to where they need to go. To reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMT) per capita, we, as a community, must do everything we can to fund and promote the use of multi-modal transportation, including transit, biking, and walking. Improving micro-mobility options, such as bike share, can facilitate first- and last-mile connections and improve access to public transit. Complementary initiatives are starting to guide the region toward more mobility choices, sustainable land use planning, and active living opportunities, leading ultimately to a healthier and lower emissions Houston. These are expected to have a very high GHG reduction impact and involve a large part of internal city departments to move towards completion of this target. This includes further alignment with the planning, housing and community development, and other relevant departments.

2022 Data Source
COH Transportation Planning Group/MORS HGAC and TTI