Hurricane Harvey Funding Dashboard

Short-Term Recovery

Short-term recovery is characterized by emergency work as well as activities to repair and reconstruct facilities.

Federal Emergency Management Agency Public Assistance - Total Obligated (Federal Share)

How does this program work?
Within the Federal Emergency Management Agency Public Assistance program (FEMA PA), FEMA obligates funding for projects that span disaster response (i.e., removing debris) to long-term recovery (i.e., reconstructing public buildings) and mitigate the risk of damage in the future.
What is happening locally with these funds?
Obligated funds are divided into eight major categories of work that are intended to save lives and protect property: Debris Removal; Protective Measures; Public Buildings; Public Utilities; Recreational or Other; Roads and Bridges; Water Control Facilities; and State Management. Local jurisdictions incur the costs of project activities and submit receipts to FEMA based on work performed. FEMA then reimburses the City of Houston, Harris County, and other jurisdictions (i.e., applicants) within Harris County for approved work on a cost-share basis (i.e., typically 90% federal and 10% local) once it approves the projects as eligible.

Federal Emergency Management Agency Public Assistance - Total Obligated (Local Share)

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Most federal disaster mitigation funding in the U.S. comes from FEMA.

FEMA’s assistance for hazard mitigation aims to minimize risks from natural hazards over the long-term to people and property through programs such as the HMGP and the FMA grant program. State and local government agencies may apply for these funding programs, and individuals can then receive funding disbursements after a community has submitted an application.

Funds under the FEMA HMGP is awarded to a state agency and then to local governments and individuals for flood risk reduction projects including property acquisitions and home elevations.

The FEMA FMA program provides mitigation grants for projects that minimize the risk of repeated flood damage to properties that are insured by the National Flood Insurance Program.

Data on housing assistance—such as home repair and rental assistance—as well as other needs assistance through FEMA’s Individual Assistance (IA) program is not provided as Kinder Institute analysis at the individual, household-level has not yet been conducted.

The FEMA PA program provides funding to state agencies, which administer the grant. The state may then disburse funds to local government agencies after they have applied for funding.

Harris County U.S. Department of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service

How does this program work?
In Harris County, USDA NRCS funding supports a pilot project and three drainage infrastructure projects that are reimbursable on a cost-share basis as part of recovery from Hurricane Harvey and other recent disasters.
What is happening locally with these funds?
The county has a pilot program in design phase for stormwater storage in the White Oak Bayou watershed called the Arbor Oaks Stormwater Detention Basin. The three channel repair projects are largely complete and include multiple sub-projects.