Climate Action Plan Target 4

Current Status


Activity In 2021

148,030 MWh solar produced, over four times the amount reported last year.

Beyond 2022

5 million MWh of local solar power to be produced per year by 2050

Current Initiatives

How Does Houston Increase Local Solar Generation?

Across the globe, a shift to cleaner, more affordable, and resilient energy sources has been underway. Central to this energy transition is the dual challenge of providing power to meet a growing population while simultaneously reducing GHG emissions from the electric power sector. The transition began by shifting power generation from coal to natural gas, a move which has greatly helped the United States reduce GHG emissions over the past decade. However, to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, the public and private sectors must work together to accelerate GHG emissions reductions from our energy sources. Globally, demand for onsite power generation from renewable sources is growing. Here in Houston, the number of solar installations is on the rise thanks to the decreasing cost of solar panels, the development of cost-effective leasing options, as well as new opportunities to participate, such as solar cooperatives and community solar projects. While Houston’s solar installation permits are on the rise, in 2021, Houston generated an additional 148,030 MWh (provided by CenterPoint). While the Houston area’s potential for solar energy is high, solar programs should be made accessible and affordable for residents across the income spectrum.

2021 Data Source
Environment America's 2022 Shining Cities report