Climate Action Plan Target 5

Current Status


Activity In 2022

Greentown Labs has 75 Houston-based members today and has supported 98 since opening.

Beyond 2022

Foster innovation and research to decarbonize energy practices via the clustering of clean energy start-ups in Houston

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Why is it Important to have Energy 2.0 Companies in Houston?

Greater Houston boasts a growing economy, diverse population, and innovation cluster assets across distinctive rural, suburban, urban, and coastal communities. Houston’s 14 world-class regional higher education institutions are home to more than 215,000 enrolled students, contributing to a skilled talent pool of more than 240,000 STEM workers and investing in innovative research. However, Houston was ranked 20th nationwide in preparedness for the digital economy, indicating that there is room for improvement. Continued investment is required to solidify Houston as an interconnected and inclusive innovation ecosystem that continues to attract and retain top talent while supporting access to jobs and opportunities for Houstonians at all skill levels. Investment must be supported with collaborative partnerships across industries, academic institutions, startups, small businesses, and the non-profit and public sectors to ensure that the regional economy remains innovative and competitive for all Houstonians. Houston is the energy capital of the world, as such it has a responsibility to continue this legacy and develop the innovative technologies and practices needed to decarbonize the entire energy sector worldwide. The UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, further emphasized the need to take action to ensure a just and equitable energy transition that creates jobs and advances our economy. Houston’s history of innovation continues today with renewable energy, battery storage, carbon capture and clean hydrogen. As the City continues to build partnerships and innovation to drive new investment and growth, additional progress across other platforms will be closely tracked. Innovation for Energy 2.0 companies is taking place at a regional scale.

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COH Sustainability Office