Resilience Target 1

Current Status

Ongoing, Impacted by COVID-19

Activity in 2021

  • 730 CERT participants trained and received refresher training
  • 992 preparedness presentations, people trained
  • 65,530 preparedness materials distributed

Beyond 2021​​​​​

Numbers are expected to increase in 2022 with COVID restrictions lifted. 106,749 Houstonians to be trained per year to reach the 2025 goal.

Related Initiatives

Why Provide Preparedness Training?

Making Houston more resilient begins with supporting Houstonians with tools and resources to be resilient as individuals. Everyone experiences shocks and stresses differently and will need different resources to cope. Individual resilience is built by amplifying information, education and awareness for all Houstonians about the risks of potential emergencies and the resources available to prepare for and withstand to those emergencies and to assist their friends, families and neighborhoods. Many of these resources already exist and simply require better communication, outreach and usage. The COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions have limited the ability to provide preparedness training, however, preparedness materials and interactions still increased significantly compared to 2020.

Preparedness Training Progress

2020 2021 Current Target Needed 2022-2025
5,750 67,252 73,002 500,000 426,998


2021 Data Source
COH Mayor’s Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security