Resilience Target 13

Current Status


Activity In 2022

No changes.

Beyond 2022

The city will coordinate resilience efforts across city departments and track progress into the future. A Resilient Houston and Climate Action Implementation Roadmap was released in 2022.

Why is it Important to Appoint Resilience Officers?

The city must fundamentally transform the way it operates if it is to respond effectively to all Houstonians, especially its most vulnerable populations. Each City agency must take steps to become more responsive and transparent to establish trust among the people who call Houston home. Many of the policies, programs, and practices identified in the Climate Action Plan should be integrated into citywide planning efforts and enshrined within the appropriate agencies that can be tasked with implementing and institutionalizing lasting change. Integrating resilience principles and practices into everyday government operations and decision-making will facilitate policies that prioritize the most vulnerable Houstonians, the places they live, and the systems they rely upon. Empowered with a greater understanding of the risks of climate change and existing initiatives and resources, Houstonians will become better prepared to cope with potential shocks and stresses. To institutionalize resilience and sustainability across all departments and City-wide, Mayor Turner issued Executive Order 1-66 in February of 2020, which established the 18 goals of Resilient Houston and tasked each department director to designate a deputy director or senior manager as their Departmental Resilience Officer (DRO). This position is responsible for working with the department director to implement the goals, targets, and actions of Resilient Houston. Each DRO has worked directly with the Chief Resilience Officer (CRO), now Chief Resilience and Sustainability Officer, and attended regular meetings to coordinate the implementation of Resilient Houston and the Climate Action Plan and other resilience building efforts. A Resilient Houston and Climate Action Implementation Roadmap was released in 2022. Departmental Resilience Officers have now transitioned to Departmental Resilience and Sustainability Officers. Beyond 2022, the engagement of the DRSOs will continue on a monthly basis, ensuring that the appropriate representatives are being included. In addition, representatives from Mayor’s Divisions will also be included for greater coordination.

2022 Data Source
Mayor's Office of Resilience and Sustainability