Resilience Target 16

Current Status


Activity In 2021

15.6% of undeveloped regional lands preserved to date.

Beyond 2021

2.3%, or about 116,000 acres of regional lands, to be conserved every five years to reach the 2040 goal

Current Initiatives

Why Should Undeveloped Lands Be Preserved?

The region’s prairielands, wetlands, and woodlands serve as nature-based infrastructure that provide multiple services—detaining floodwaters, providing recreation for people and habitat for wildlife, capturing carbon, and improving air and water quality. Whereas the region’s natural landscapes increase resilience, impervious surfaces in urbanized areas intensify stormwater runoff and the urban heat island effect—increasing the region’s vulnerabilities in the face of extreme weather and climate change. As the region continues to grow, it will be imperative to protect and enhance the remaining undeveloped lands to serve as nature-based infrastructure.

2022 Data Source
Houston Wilderness