Resilience Target 2

Current Status


Activity In 2022

14,018 summer jobs were provided through Hire Houston Youth. 19,402 jobs have been provided since 2020, reflecting impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Why Provide Summer Jobs Through Hire Houston Youth?

To become more resilient, Houston’s economic growth must benefit everyone, enabling all Houstonians to build wealth and save for their futures. Increased financial capacity and stability for families and small businesses enable Houstonians to better prepare for and recover faster from shocks and stresses that disproportionately impact those with limited financial resources. Providing Houstonians with the right tools and resources can support generational wealth building. In the short term, we can support Houstonians by building financial literacy, facilitating access to financial services, encouraging the development of more living-wage jobs, and supporting the growth and development of small businesses. In the long term, we can better position Houstonians by training a workforce for the future, focusing on new curriculums and vocational programs as well as enhanced pathways to emerging industries. Collaboration with the private sector is critical to bridging the current disconnection between living-wage jobs and those in search of sustainable employment. Starting in 2023, the Mayor’s Office of Education aims to develop a full “youth life cycle” providing wraparound services for opportunity youth 16-24 years old, and build a platform to connect resources to needs of young people. In 2022, 14,018 jobs were provided through the Hire Houston Youth program.

2022 Data Source
COH Mayor’s Office of Education